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Real Hair Extensions: Add natural fullness and dimension to your look with real hair extensions that can add highlights to your current look or be colored to match your existing style. Extensions can be used to add body or length to a formal or wedding style as well. We’ll start off with a consultation where we’ll determine your desired color, length, texture and density. Then we’ll order your extensions and book the installation appointment once they arrive.

Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance:

Bonded hair extensions require special care and maintenance. These instructions are provided by your stylist to help ensure the health and longivitity of your natural hair and your extensions.

  • -Professional Shampoo and Conditioner is a must. Some grocery store shampoos and conditioners that have harsh chemicals that break down the hair bond. Professional producst ensure the bond is safe.
  • Wait at least 72 hours (3 days) before washing your hair after installation of extensions. This allows the bonds to fully harden. The longer you wait, the better it is for the longevity of the bonds. If you wash too soon, you may break down the bonds in their early stages and they may not last as long. Whenever possible, use a dry shampoo to remove excess oil from your hair between washings.
  • -Gently brush out your hair before washing and again afterwards to avoid any tangling. Extensions are susceptible to being pulled out when the bonds are wet, so use care. You may use a spray in detangler on the ends of your hair.
  • -When conditioning your hair, try to keep the conditioner away from the bonds. Conditioner on or too near to the bonds may cause them to loosen and slip. Be extra careful with wet, conditioned hair.
  • -When showering, use warm or cool water on your scalp. Hot water can cause the bond to loosen. After showering, you can blow dry your hair but try not to put any direct heat on the bonds.
  • -You may swim as usual but remember that prolonged water exposure may weaken the bonds. Make sure to dry roots as quickly as possible. Make sure to place hair in a low ponytail when swimming, or use a cap to avoid tangling.
  • -All of the extensions CoCo & Company purchase are 100% Human Hair so you may use straighteners, curling irons, or any type of hot tools on your extensions that you would normally use on your real hair. If you provided the hair, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product or the end results.
  • -Fusion or Bonded Extensions may melt easily. Make sure avoid the bonds when using a flat iron or curling iron as it may cause the bond to melt and spread into your scalp or other hair bonds.
  • -To avoid tangling at night, you should sleep in a a loose ponytail (soft scrunchie) or braid to avoid any tangling when sleeping.
  • -Some shedding is normal. Your new extensions will gradually release several hairs daily. Misuse and mistreatment will cause hair to shed faster.

Notes on Extension Services:

  • -All new extensions installation services require a consultation prior to booking.
  • -There are no returns on extension supplies once they’ve been purchased from the vendor
  • -We typically only install extensions purchased from our verified vendors Cinderella Hair and Hotheads Hair Extensions. In some cases, we may install extensions purchased elsewhere but the service integrity is not guaranteed.