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DevaCurl Products

All DevaCurl products are 100% sulfate, silicone and paraben free, but there’s more. The entire line is inspired by conversations with real curly girls and guys. Our innovative formulas are made to fit into your daily routine. From our cleansers and conditioners that hydrate your hair in the shower to our easy styling products that work on wet or dry curls, it all adds up to endless amazing hair days.

The DevaCut

This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for curls, waves and all natural textures. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state according to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. This service includes a curl coaching session and a personalized DevaCurl product prescription that makes it easy to maintain your style at home. Only DevaCurl-trained stylists like Antonio perform the DevaCut.

How do I prepare for a DevaCut?

Your stylist will use our signature dry-cutting technique, so please arrive at the salon with your curls detangled and dry, in their natural state. Prior to your appointment, it’s best to let your hair hang loosely-avoid ponytail holders or clips.

Cleanse & Condition

The easiest thing you can do to get gorgeous curls is to ditch your shampoo. While your go-to foaming formula may smell amazing, it could be creating frizz (and a lot of frustration). Curly hair tends to be drier than straight textures because it’s harder for natural oils to travel from the roots all the way to the ends. The harsh ingredients found in most traditional shampoos, like sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, strip away much-needed moisture. That’s why No-Poo, our original zero-lather cleanser is such a game-changer. No-Poo is gentle, incredibly moisturizing, packed with botanicals and doesn’t contain iffy ingredients that will dehydrate the heck out of your curls. Follow it up with One Condition, our ultra-creamy daily conditioner. You’ll be left with beautiful, frizz-free curls that won’t stress you out.

Style & Shape

Shape is the texture, the bounce, the spiral and the feel of your curls on any given day. You shape when you’re building volume to be noticed or when you’re taking second day curls to the next level. Discover the possibilities and find out what your curls can do.

DevaCurl Mission Statement

Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life. She’ll tell you about her childhood, her family, her friends, and the way she sees herself in the mirror. We’ve spent two decades at the center of this conversation. It’s curly, it’s complicated, it’s fun, and DevaCurl gets it. That’s why DevaCurl’s products are all inspired by conversations with real people. And DevaCurl stylists won’t just give you amazing curls, they’ll teach you how to create them on your own. We help women believe in the very simple idea of loving their curls in their own way. It’s not dogma, it’s Deva.