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CoCo & Company Hair Salon was started in 2009 in the Belltown apartment of NathanAntonio and was officially incorporated in January of 2010 to manage Antonio’s booth rental at Salon Blast in Montlake. In June of 2010, Antonio & Nathan moved to West Seattle and fell in love with the community and decided to settle in. After planning for months ending in November of 2010, Antonio & Nathan opened CoCo & Company Hair Salon – a 2-chair home salon operating two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Operations were initially confined to just one room of their house, but later expanded to the entire first floor. After a few months, many more clients were requesting Antonio’s West Seattle location over the Montlake Location. After expanding operations at CoCo & Company to 3, 4 and 5 days a week; by May of 2011, operations had moved completely to West Seattle. After another few months, it was clear that CoCo & Co. was growing beyond what Antonio & Nathan’s home could handle and the hunt was on for a solution.Starting in September of 2011, the search began for a proper retail location. Wanting to stay out of the traditional retail zone of West Seattle (Morgan Junction, Alaska Junction, Admiral Junction), Nathan & Antonio decided to settle in to Henderson Corner and open CoCo & Company’s first retail location. On October 31, 2011; Nathan &  Antonio signed the lease and got to work on transforming a former community clinic into a salon. After a month of renovations, Nathan & Antonio opened CoCo & Company Hair Salon on November 30, 2011. After hosting a grand opening party on December 21st, CoCo & Company Hair Salon started to become a part of the community, and the story continues…


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CoCo & Company Hair Salon strives to provide high-quality, personalized services with customers who are always satisfied with their services. Having a passion for excellence, our stylist regularly attend continuing education classes put on by Goldwell, DevaCurl, Kevin.Murphy, Vidal Sassoon, Keratin Complex and many other industry leaders. CoCo & Company approaches each client as an individual and tailors your hair to be an original creation just for your style. To learn more about the people who make CoCo & Co. stand out from the crowd, check out our bios below!

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